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I work as a freelance writer and copywriter working on projects in the UK, Taiwan, and right across the world.


I provide regular content to various publications and websites on subjects as diverse as politics, finance, employment, travel, information technology, consumer affairs, and sport. I am also currently the Information Security reporter for a prominent US-based IT website.


During my career I have also ghost-written numerous articles for politicians and corporate executives which have appeared in various national and international publications. I also have plenty of experience writing policy papers for specific audiences, and writing speeches.  


As a PR consultant I have provided copy for clients to use on websites, internal and external marketing materials, and in the media.


Writing has always been a big passion of mine. I still write regular comment articles in my own name and am regular published in diverse publications including the Guardian, the Huffington Post, Taipei Times, the Yorkshire Post, and popular football magazine When Saturday Comes.


I often write about Taiwan and have also been interviewed on Taiwanese affairs on ITN, ABC News 24 (Australia) and CTV (Canada).


You can view a selection of my own articles on this page.


I have also written a number of short stories and plays, and have been shortlisted for the ‘Soho Theatre Westminster Prize’. I am currently researching my first novel.


I am always interested in new freelance writing projects and offer a highly competitive rate for a first class service. 

Selected Articles

Exacting and controversial. But also brave, rigorous, principled – and fun. Meet my former boss, David Davis - Conservative Home


'Will Vladimir Putin save the World?' - Huffington Post


'Curriculum Crisis in Taiwan Highlights Country's Generational Divides Once More' - Huffington Post


'The Labour Leadership Contest matters for Tories and Neutrals just as much as Labour members' - Huffington Post


'Hapless Taiwan squeeze past hopeless Brunei in World Cup Qualifiers' - Wild East Football


'North Korea make it to China for the East Asian Cup - Preliminary Round Report' - Wild East Football


'Bring Democracy to the next level' - Taipei Times


'The EAFF East Asian Cup - A Beginners Guide' - Wild East Football


'Serving Justice: The Zain Dean ruling offers a golden opportunity for Anglo-Taiwanese relations' - Taipei Times


'In the cross hairs: an insistance on keeping the death penalty poses wider risk for Taiwan' - Taipei Times


'London must learn from Taipei tube attack' - Huffington Post


'Complicity in China's internet censorship is a betrayal of those who died in Tiananmen Square' - Huffington Post


'Act on Crimea or risk a wider geo-political crisis' - The Commentator


'Resigned to fact that Ministers won't take the rap' - Yorkshire Post


‘Yes, the Tories should salute Thatcher, but they must show they have moved on’ – Yorkshire Post


‘A Noble Gesture and a Desperate Problem’ – Yorkshire Post


‘Imminent famine is already here’ – The Guardian


‘Public Health Minister helps to launch National Obesity Awareness Week 2014’ – Whitehouse Blog


‘Liam Daish overcomes MyFootballClub problems' – When Saturday Comes


‘Let’s be brave enough to scale down Trident’ – Yorkshire Post


‘Plastic not so fantastic’ – The Guardian


‘We are clawing back our lost liberties piece by piece’ – Yorkshire Post


‘FC København flying the flag for Scandinavia’ – When Saturday Comes


‘An unjustifiable case of mistaken identity’ – Yorkshire Post


‘Ebbsfleet United need a boost, not an experiment’ – When Saturday Comes



Regular Clients:

Some of the sites I provide content for on a regular basis include:

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