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This is an ongoing blog documenting events and observations from my time living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


I may also throw in the occasion post on the challenges, and of course joys, of being a first time father.


I try to avoid writing about politics or football on here. But sometimes I just can’t help myself!


Comments are open to all, but please be nice if you can!


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Announcing - 'The Formosa Curiosa'

By DS, Nov 15 2015 02:17PM

Ok, so this is it. I have finally given up on fighting with the blog function on Moonfruit, which has in all other respects proved to be an excellent website-building tool.

But their blog offering just doesn’t cut the mustard – I have had to rewrite this blog posting twice because

of their software crashing and losing all my content.

So I have ventured over to WordPress, and am launching my new blog – ‘The Formosa Curiosa’.

Please do check the new site out. I will endeavouring to update it more regularly with content about the curious little things I encounter living in Taiwan.

You can also follow the blog on its own dedicated Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Thanks for reading this site and I do hope you will be sticking with me in my new guise!

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